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How Technology Can Get Your Company Noticed

The biggest task that any start-up company faces is simply getting noticed. You might have a great service but if no-one knows about it, it doesn’t make a good business. Lots of people will tell you that the best eventually rises to the top, but how can you speed up that process? This is where technology comes in. By letting the latest software to do the hard work for you, you’ll still have the time you need to focus on the core areas of your business.


Mobile Apps

Unlike mobile versions of websites, dedicated apps for smartphones and tablets often provide a much smoother shopping experience. Software developers like Phorest could create an app for you that’s accessible from both the major operating systems, iOS and Android. This opens up your business to millions of potential shoppers who can find you whenever they’re searching the App Store or Google Play. They also serve as a consistent reminder of your company’s brand right at the fingertips of your customer. You can even customise your app so that it perfectly matches the look and feel of your brand.


Social Networks
One of the best ways to improve your search results is getting your name in as many locations as possible. The best places to start are the most popular social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Hootsuite syncs all your accounts in one location and is a useful tool for those that don’t want to spend all your time flicking between every one of their feeds. If you’re struggling to come of with original content, don’t be shy about linking to other people’s work. Because the Internet is so vast, curators of interesting content are becoming just as important as the writers themselves. Just remember to always credit the original author.

The main goal of technology is to create convenience. It makes what use to be time-consuming manual processes a part an automated background. Make sure you’re using the best modern technology has to offer so you start-up gets the attention it deserves.

Season’s Greetings from Startupr

Wishing you and your team a successful and prosperous Lunar New Year Gong Xi Fa Cai.

Thank you for your continuous support, from all of us at Startupr Hong Kong Limited.

Happy Lunar New Year, Year Of  The Goat

New Year New Resolutions

New Year New Resolutions


From our Startupr family to yours,


We wish you a Happy & Successful 2015!


Start the New Year with new ambitions, aims and targets. Keep yourself motivated throughout the year and check as many of those resolutions on your list.


Remember Startupr is always here to assist you with any government, tax and incorporation concerns. We promise we will try our best to help, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

START FRESH for 2015!

Merry Xmas & Happy New Year of 2015

unnamed 2
Dear Valued Customer,
As the Holiday season approaches, Startupr wishes you a
Merry Xmas & Happy Holidays!
Hoping you enjoy time with family and friends during this joyful time.

List of merchant account providers for not only Hong Kong Limited Company II

Hello, one of our customer has helped us to collect the list of the merchant account providers, we hope it helps you to expand your business.

Credipayments, LTD: Merchant account provider that specializes in providing Dot Comís with easy access to all major credit card payment systems. We understand the ecommerce merchant and recognize the importance of nurturing your affiliates, ad-networks, and publishers.

EMC2 Billing: Innovative leader in global transactions processing solutions, we give you everything you need from a payment solutions stand point to build and maintain a large scale, high volume business. We specialize on high risk/card not present businesses and can help you to set up Domestic Merchant Accounts as well as Offshore Merchant Accounts, or both.

ExpiTrans, Inc: We provide both domestic and international Credit/Debit Card processing & ach/check processing accounts for almost every type of business model. Specializing in high-risk processing associated with Internet marketing merchants.

Glacier Payments: We provide clients with the best solution for payment processing. We offer you the capability to accept all major credit cards as well as crucial tools to prevent fraud, allowing you to feel secure when processing card-not-present transactions.

Global Merchant Advisors (GMA): GMA is a payment processor with the ability to advise and assist Advertisers/Merchants in establishing and maintaining a Merchant account.  Our direct and indirect relationships with 7 different banks allow GMA to provide solutions for the most challenging accounts.

Humboldt Merchant Services: Devoted to providing best-in-class credit card processing. Our industry knowledgeable representatives work directly with merchants to provide customized solutions to fit their individual business needs. Unlike other merchant solutions, all transactions through Humboldt Merchant Services are processed domestically.

InChek, LLC: We help you find the best payment processing solution for your company with our customized cost-reducing services.InChek offers six main areas of service, with several products and solutions within each, being some of them: Processing of Credit & Debit Cards, and Management of High Risk Accounts, among others.

InterBill Inc.: Merchant Processing Services specializes in Traditional and High Risk merchant accounts. Offer both Domestic and Off Shore solutions.


Let us know should you have any further questions.

Hong Kong General holidays for 2015

Dear Customers, this is the list of public Holiday in Hong Kong


The first day of January 1 January Thursday
Lunar New Year’s Day 19 February Thursday
The second day of Lunar New Year 20 February Friday
The third day of Lunar New Year 21 February Saturday
Good Friday 3 April Friday
The day following Good Friday 4 April Saturday
The day following Ching Ming Festival 6 April Monday
The day following Easter Monday 7 April Tuesday
Labour Day 1 May Friday
The Birthday of the Buddha 25 May Monday
Tuen Ng Festival 20 June Saturday
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day 1 July Wednesday
The day following the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival 28 September Monday
National Day 1 October Thursday
Chung Yeung Festival 21 October Wednesday
Christmas Day 25 December Friday
The first weekday after Christmas Day 26 December Saturday


Client testimonial – Why set up a business in Hong Kong

Greetings from Startupr,

thank you for choosing Startupr and the kind words over the years.

Special thanks to Ms Marie for mentioning us in her beautiful article on “Why set up a business in Hong Kong”. article mentions Hong Kong’s SETUP & TAX ADVANTAGES! if you have yet to read it, follow the link:

for those who do not know us, here is a brief summary of Startupr Hong Kong Limited:

People around the world want to register company in different countries and we offer solutions to company registration concerns, low incorporation cost and ease any obstacles. The company will be efficiently opened online and you simply come to pick up company documents and follow up the appointment with the banker.

To set up legal company in Hong Kong is fast and low cost, all we need is just  filled order form.  here

The Sequence:

0.Understand your requirements, either as a business model or business case, then we match your needs with our service.
1. Fill out the order form.
2. We check your order details for completion.
3. Place your order.
4. Legal Hong Kong incorporation takes place.
5. We dispatch incorporation and any associated documents direct to your address.
We look forward in helping your business GROW and PROSPER! Yours startupr team

Preparation for Bank appointment: Hong Kong

Dear Customer,

Thank you for choosing Startupr. As with most banks, Hong Kong institutions set certain prerequisites, such as certification of corporate documents, before permitting anyone to set up a business account. Startupr is experienced in this sometimes complex process, and pleased to assist with these preparations.

So you’ll know what to expect, we offer you a summary of typical bank requirements, with advice on what and how to prepare for a successful meeting with bank officials.

Note that all documents should be in English. If your original documentation is in another language, it should be translated into English, and certified by a local authorized translation agency.


1. Scheduling your appointment

Once you let us know the date you can meet with bank officials, we contact the bank to make the appointment, outlining the nature of your firm and its corporate structure, and indicating your availability. For reasons of confidentiality, we cannot actually attend this meeting. Nor, serving only as company secretary, can Startupr be responsible for whatever formal arrangements you make with the bank.

Please, collect certified incorporation documents from our accounting/auditing office (all documents will be certified by CPA (Certified Public Accountant).


2. Required Company Documents

  •    Certificate of incorporation
  •    Business registration certificate
  •    NNC1 form
  •    Articles of association


3. Personal documents

The documents below should be delivered to bank officials by you personally. Please note that failing to provide these at your meeting may delay the process.

  • Passport (required), and other supplementary documents such as home country driver’s license showing your address.
  • Additional address proof required, bank statement, electricity bill, phone bill, etc.


4. Supporting Company Documents and Information

1) Some proof of business, or preparation for business, even if your company is newly registered.

Bank officials will inquire into the nature of your business, and your experience in the field.

2) Issued or Received Invoices

Once a company incorporates, it may issue or receive invoices. Any invoices for your firm help demonstrate actual business engagement.

3) Business Description.

Compose and print a one page summary of your firm for presentation to the bank.

A dated, signed statement on company letterhead, naming directors and/or principal shareholders.

Copies of agreements with suppliers, if any.

A letter of reference from a bank where you currently have a business or personal account is helpful, as is a reference from a professional contact or associate.

Any business certificate and incorporation certificate from a previous company you owned or controlled further establishes your experience.

5) Bank appointment.

A typical bank appointment occupies 25-30 minutes for discussion of your business.

6) Results of Meeting.

Bank officials may open your firm’s new account the same day. Or they may postpone their decision as long as ten business days.

Further Requirements:

Shareholders with more than 10% of shares must be present during the bank meeting.

If there are multiple directors, a proper quorum of these should be at the meeting. Startupr suggests all directors attend.

Before departing for the bank meeting, it’s prudent to make sure all necessary documents are in hand.



This notice seeks only to advise what bank officials normally require during such meetings, and what they may additionally request. Thorough preparation makes for successful application.



Be aware that banks reserve the right to decide whether to open a specific company account. Startupr itself is neither responsible nor liable for any bank’s decision. Although customers may succeed in opening certain bank accounts the same day, most of our clients normally enjoy company account opening within 4-10 days. In some cases, if a bank requires further information, or a local holiday occurs, there can be several days’ delay.

Hong Kong Company Deregistration

Dear Startupr Client,


Occasionally, some firms wish to close or deregister their Hong Kong registered companies before actually conducting any transactions. If you wish to do so, and your company has made no transactions since initial HK registration, Startupr can certainly help.


Before we apply for official deregistration, however, your Hong Kong company must be in full, up to date compliance with all Company Registry & HK Inland Revenue requirements. This means all company documents should be properly completed (e.g. NAR1, NNC1, D2A), with no fees or duties outstanding.


Then, pursuant to section 291AA of the Companies Ordinance, the Director or the appointed Company Secretary requests the Commissioner of Inland Revenue to issue written notice confirming IRD’s consent to deregister through Company Registry. Once Startupr receives this official confirmation, we apply to Company Registry for actual deregistration.


It’s important to remember that even though you intend to deregister a company, the appropriate Annual Return must still be filed with Company Registry no more than 42 days after the firm’s return date. Business Registration Certificate fees must be paid as well, and the company’s Annual Return must be filed at both Company Registry and Inland Revenue, along with respective fee payments.


Failure to make all filings and payments as legally required places both the company and its officials in breach of the Companies’ Ordinance, subjecting them to substantial penalties and prosecution by the HK government.


Again, to avoid serious penalties, all official filing duties must first be completed on time with CR and IRD, including the BRC (Business Registration Certificate) & Annual Return. All related fees must also be paid. Once these have been accomplished, Startupr can begin the actual deregistration process.


Requirements of company deregistration:

1)you have not commence any business under your Hong Kong Limited Company

2) no outstanding duties – all fees have been paid to Company Registry & Inland Revenue Department

3) all company documents should be properly completed (e.g. NAR1, NNC1, D2A

4) all outstanding fees paid to company Secretary


If you have any questions regarding these requirements, please feel free to contact us.





We accept bitcoins

We are happy to announce you that we are accepting bitcoins payment. We have set up accounts with coinbase &  bitpay.

It’s really important to us that we give all comfort  you deserve as our client!

Let us know should you have any further questions.

Startupregistry team