List of merchant account providers for not only Hong Kong Limited Company II

Thinking of starting your new business in Hong Kong and lacking new business ideas?

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Hello, one of our customer has helped us to collect the list of the merchant account providers, we hope it helps you to expand your business.

Credipayments, LTD: Merchant account provider that specializes in providing Dot Comís with easy access to all major credit card payment systems. We understand the ecommerce merchant and recognize the importance of nurturing your affiliates, ad-networks, and publishers.

EMC2 Billing: Innovative leader in global transactions processing solutions, we give you everything you need from a payment solutions stand point to build and maintain a large scale, high volume business. We specialize on high risk/card not present businesses and can help you to set up Domestic Merchant Accounts as well as Offshore Merchant Accounts, or both.

ExpiTrans, Inc: We provide both domestic and international Credit/Debit Card processing & ach/check processing accounts for almost every type of business model. Specializing in high-risk processing associated with Internet marketing merchants.

Glacier Payments: We provide clients with the best solution for payment processing. We offer you the capability to accept all major credit cards as well as crucial tools to prevent fraud, allowing you to feel secure when processing card-not-present transactions.

Global Merchant Advisors (GMA): GMA is a payment processor with the ability to advise and assist Advertisers/Merchants in establishing and maintaining a Merchant account.  Our direct and indirect relationships with 7 different banks allow GMA to provide solutions for the most challenging accounts.

Humboldt Merchant Services: Devoted to providing best-in-class credit card processing. Our industry knowledgeable representatives work directly with merchants to provide customized solutions to fit their individual business needs. Unlike other merchant solutions, all transactions through Humboldt Merchant Services are processed domestically.

InChek, LLC: We help you find the best payment processing solution for your company with our customized cost-reducing services.InChek offers six main areas of service, with several products and solutions within each, being some of them: Processing of Credit & Debit Cards, and Management of High Risk Accounts, among others.

InterBill Inc.: Merchant Processing Services specializes in Traditional and High Risk merchant accounts. Offer both Domestic and Off Shore solutions.


Let us know should you have any further questions.