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Renewal of Business Registration Certificate for Hong Kong Company

The Business Registration Certificate (BRC) is due for renewal around 1 month before and after it is expired. The current business registration fee is HKD450 (USD60) per annum. Late renewal will cause a penalty of HKD300 (USD40). Further delay will result in court proceeding and extra fine. Více

Hong Kong Company, Filing of Annual Return

An Annual Return is required to be filed within 42 days 1 year after incorporation date together with the payment of a statutory filing fee of HKD105 (USD14). Více

Consequences of not paying Business registration renewal fee

Approximately 1 month before your Business Registration Certificate (BRC) expires, the Business Registration Office will issue a business registration renewal demand note and will send it to you.

Before you decide not to pay the Business Registration Certificate renewal fee (HK$2,250), you should know what the consequences are. Late renewal would attract a penalty (HK$300). However, any further delay would result in court processing and extra penalties.


This is a sample of court order for not paying BRC charged to representatives of the company.


We recommend to our customers to always pay the BR renewal fee on time. If you wish not to continue with your Hong Kong business, please read “How to de-register a company“.


Company Search Mobile Service

Good News!

Company Registry has launched new search functions on the Company Search Mobile Service (CSMS). Více

Failure to apply for Business Registration on time

Failure to apply for Business Registration on time Více

Paid Up Capital Hong Kong Limited Company

If your Hong Kong company is successfully incorporated, you will know capital share can be regarded as unpaid upon incorporation. However, here is a tip if you would like to pay up the capital after incorporation. Více

Hong Kong company – Optional common seal

Companies Ordinance (CO) has been modified, keeping and use of common seal has became optional.


Yearly requirements to keep Hong Kong Company according to the Company Ordinance

Yearly requirements to keep Hong Kong Company according to the Company Ordinance Více

Dormancy Status of Active Limited Companies

To avoid company renewal penalties from the Government at difficult times, you have a choice to make the company dormant. Více

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