Whoolala A New Way To Find And Follow Fashion Trends

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We are proud of our customers and their success stories! Read about Whoolala, new shopping app that revolves arounds fashion.

It makes it easy to make purchases, find new products and share their own style in an easy to use platform. Whoolala made its first appearance in 2014 though the Hong Kong app market. Since then it has expanded to the China and many other surrounding areas in Southeast Asia. This app is more than just a place to shop it is opening up the fashion world to many individual in a unique way.

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Whoolala Discovers New Designers:

Whoolala does not just limit the fashion designers they expose users to to just the most popular and well known designers. Whoolala accepts a number of unknown designers worthy of the spotlight as well. This is beneficial for all parties involved. Not only do newer designers get the opportunity to reach a wider market but users can discover unique styles that fit with their own. Designers go through a screening process and are selected on a continuous basis which means users of Whoolala are always being introduced to new, fresh and unknown designers.

How Whoolala Is Changing The Shopping Experience:

Many shopping apps available are run with a simple virtual store in mind. This means shoppers have to sort through a number of items they are not interested in to find something that they like. Just like if you would go to an actual clothing store you spend a lot of time searching through racks, visiting different stores and most times just wasting time. Whoolala is changing this specific aspect of the shopping experience. With the latest technology Whoolala tracks your likes and dislike to provide suggestion of available styles and trends you may be interested in. Not only does Whoolala provide you with different styles they also ensure that these styles can be fitted for you. You no longer have to waste time searching for styles you like and you no longer have to be disappointed when you finally find something only to realize it is not available in your size. Not only can you easily find a number of items to purchase but you can share your own style with other users as well. This is really making it a social community for anyone who loves the fashion industry.

How Whoolala’s Company Statement Changes Fashion:

Whoolala is run with a diverse team. They welcome individuality and pride themselves on inspiring others to be themselves. The company really stands for standing out in your own unique way which is why they have designed an app that can cater to each user’s uniquely. All over their social media accounts you will find a number of images that not only displays some amazing fashion but that promotes this standing out mentality. Whoolala is not just supplying users with trends to follow but it providing them with trends that they can make there own.

Like many fashion and shopping apps you can easily browse through categories to find styles you like but Whoolala takes things one step further to make your shopping experience more convenient and rewarding. Whoolala changes the way you shop through the designers, how you find products and its overall company method.

Check out the app at http://www.whoolala.com