Hong Kong company's Profit Tax Return I.

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Here is another one of our case study.
If your company was set up on 3rd of April, 2013, you receive yours First PTR (Profit Tax Return) 1-2 months before the 2nd anniversary of the company.

Time to file the PTR: Once you receive yours PTR, you will have standard 1 month to deliver the audited accounts however if you would like to prolong the submittion, it can be done as long as 3 months.
company’s date of incorporation: 3rd of April, 2013
you receive company’s first PTR on: 11th of March, 2015
deadline to file the PTR (1 month since anniversary date): 11th of April, 2015
deadline can be prolonged to file the PTR (3 month since anniversary date): 11th of June, 2015
 Please be reminded to provide the following documents for the period 3rd April 2013 (date of incorporation) to 31st March 2014 for our accounting/ audit purpose:
1. All sales invoices/ consulting service invoices;
2. All purchases invoice/ subcontractor’s invoices;
3. All expense receipts;
4. All bank statements;
Please also advise the below information:
1. What is the principal activity of the company;
2. Where the principal activity be carried out (e.g. all outside HK).

Startupr is not a CPA (Certified Public Accountant, registered HKICPA – Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants) firm. CPA services are provided by independent CPA firms.

Startupr is merely acting as an agent in connecting your company and the CPA who has agreed with us that they will provide auditing services. In no way is Startupr acting as a CPA firm or providing auditing service in any way and your solicitor-client relationship is with the CPA and not Startupr. CPA is independent of Startupr and is not an employee of Startupr.