Hong Kong company responsibilities

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If you have a Hong Kong Limited Company, you will have to bear in mind the below Yearly and other requirements:

    1. Annual return (includes list of officers & directors) must be filed within 42 days of the anniversary of initial registration date
      • We will notify you of this requirement by email 1-2 months before due date; we are responsible to file the Annual Return
    2. Inland Revenue Department (IRD) tax filing for newly incorporated companies falls due 18 months after the incorporation date.
      • Initial annual audit must be filed within 18 months after incorporation date, unless the company has unlimited liability.
      • After the first profit tax return, the tax authority notifies companies every April 1, who must then file within 30 days
    3. An Annual General Meeting (AGM) must be held along with the filing of annual return, at a time and place the directors announce.
      • We will provide the minutes of AGM
    4. The Business Registration Certificate must be renewed every year after incorporation. Payment for renewal is suggested to proceed 1 month prior to anniversary.
      • We will remind you of this requirement by email 1.5 months before the due date.