Client testimonial – Why set up a business in Hong Kong

Thinking of starting your new business in Hong Kong and lacking new business ideas?

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Greetings from Startupr,

thank you for choosing Startupr and the kind words over the years.

Special thanks to Ms Marie for mentioning us in her beautiful article on “Why set up a business in Hong Kong”. article mentions Hong Kong’s SETUP & TAX ADVANTAGES! if you have yet to read it, follow the link:

for those who do not know us, here is a brief summary of Startupr Hong Kong Limited:

People around the world want to register company in different countries and we offer solutions to company registration concerns, low incorporation cost and ease any obstacles. The company will be efficiently opened online and you simply come to pick up company documents and follow up the appointment with the banker.

To set up legal company in Hong Kong is fast and low cost, all we need is just  filled order form.  here

The Sequence:

0.Understand your requirements, either as a business model or business case, then we match your needs with our service.
1. Fill out the order form.
2. We check your order details for completion.
3. Place your order.
4. Legal Hong Kong incorporation takes place.
5. We dispatch incorporation and any associated documents direct to your address.
We look forward in helping your business GROW and PROSPER! Yours startupr team