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Thinking of starting your new business in Hong Kong and lacking new business ideas?

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Abroad production is a talent agency in IT and business consulting Services Company. We build applications and provide the expertise and talents of our specialists all over Asia and worldwide by recruiting top talent resources, implementing solutions and contributing to the success of our clients and their projects abroad. Our products are applications for android and ios. HR 2.0 related: networking, recruitment, marketing, communication, business travel tools. Linkder app is already in development and will be in stores in September. It’s a “business matchmaker” to increase the network, developing brand and attract talents. Our services include: international recruitment, head hunting, expatriates management, web marketing strategy, community management, project management. A program of “commonwealth exchange” permits to candidates from all over the world to have experiences in IT or HR or tourism in Canada and Australia. Abroad production also guide new working holiday visa holders in Asian countries to find them a job, accommodations or networking events The idea was born while the founder, Marie Braud, was traveling in Australia and found a way to connect expatriates that were looking for jobs via an app. She as a background as a IT head hunter in France, Morocco and Canada. Since then, she found a developer in Asia as a supplier for the development and start to build. Abroad production. She chose the capital of high technology as her head office: Hong Kong.


Startupr Team, was very helpful for me to set up my first company. I was in Hong Kong just for 1 week and Startupr Team has been very reactive for everything, they have answered my email when I was in the airport on Sunday and set up a meeting on Monday, then he advise me and guide me during the all process. They are very professional and client oriented. Special thanks to Tomas as he was in my position before and he knows both European and Asian culture, he also gave me some good tips and inside of entrepreneur life. Hong kong can be a startup paradise and I truly recommend Startupr to help you set up your dream company !

Director : Marie Braud
25/06/2014, Hong Kong
AP Your international HR 2.0 business partner (07/07/2014)